$20B Needed to Shield South Carolina from Rising Sea Levels

(TNS) — In a state where rising sea levels are threatening oceanfront property, building $20 billion worth of seawalls would protect South Carolina’s coast from the effects of climate change during the next 20 years, a new study says.

The report by the Center for Climate Integrity says South Carolina needs 3,202 miles of seawalls — enough to cover the entire coast — to shield its beaches, marshes and tidal rivers from sea-level rise. The $20 billion cost estimate was based on a six-inch rise in sea level and a 21-inch storm surge, climate center officials said.

Nationally, the United States needs more than 50,000 miles of new seawalls, which would cost $416 billion, to protect the coastline from sea level rise, according to the climate organization, which supports aggressive efforts to halt climate change.


Source: DRJ New feed

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