Adaptive BC: Not for Most
By Brian Zawada

Director of Consulting Services, AvalutionConsulting

Adaptive BC has done a great job of stirring up the business continuity profession with some new ideas. At Avalution – we love pushing the envelope and try new things, so we were excited to learn more about the ideas in the Adaptive BC manifesto, as well as the accompanying book and training.

While Adaptive BC identified some real problems with the business continuity approaches taken by some organizations, their solutions aren’t for everyone (and not all organizations experience these problems). In fact, their focus is so narrow, we think it’s of little practical use for most organizations.

Business Continuity as Defined by Adaptive BC

From AdaptiveBCP.org: “Adaptive Business Continuity is an approach for continuously improving an organization’s recovery capabilities, with a focus on the continued delivery of services following an unexpected unavailability of people, locations, and/or resources” (emphasis on “recovery” added by Avalution).

As is clear from their definition and made explicit in the accompanying book (Adaptive Business Continuity: A New Approach – 2015), Adaptive BC is exclusively focused on improving recovery when faced with unavailability of people, locations, and other resources.

This approach – or focus – leaves out a long list of responsibilities that add considerable value to most business continuity management programs, such as (the quotes below are taken from Adaptive BC’s book):


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