Warning! This build breaks compatibility with older versions of the Altaro Management Tools. If upgrading to this build, you must also upgrade your Altaro Management Tools.
Note: Replication for ESXi 7.0 is not yet supported for in this build.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Optimized cloud backup performance to Azure, Amazon S3 and Wasabi cloud storage.
    • Important Note: For users upgrading from a previous version, the optimized backup performance will only take effect once a full primary Backup is taken from scratch. Further details can found here: https://altaro.com/kb/upgrade814

  • Fixes a rare issue which could cause uploading Offsite Copies to Wasabi Cloud storage to be throttled or fail.

  • Adds support for backup and restore operations for VMs running on VMware vSphere 7
    • Important Note: Replication for VMs running on VMware vSphere 7 is not yet supported and will be added at a future date. If you have replication enabled do not upgrade to vSphere 7 yet.

  • Fixes an issue where excessive logging was created during Backups in the application log files.
    • Several bug fixes and improvements.