We have just announced our next version of FileCloud (v17.3).  The new update includes hundreds of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. The release notes page contains the complete list of features and bug-fixes in this release. Look out for an exclusive webinar invite in the coming weeks.

1. ServerSync – Cloud File Server Enablement 

  • Modernize Infrastructure: Synchronize your on-premise file servers to the cloud without losing the folder hierarchy & NTFS permissions.
  • Enable Hybrid Cloud: provide traditional LAN access when on-premise and switch to cloud access when outside.
  • Migrate File Server to the Cloud: You can migrate Windows fileservers to FileCloud with no major migration process.

2. Global Search: Administrators can now search across all of their users’ content from a single access point. FileCloud’s search not only searches file and folder names but also content within the files. In a world where regulations are becoming stringent, FileCloud’s Global search will help you meet regulations such as FINRA and GDPR.

3. Centralized App Management: Administrators can monitor the health of all the instances of FileCloud mobile apps, Sync and Drive desktop apps across all your users. Administrators can push configuration, download logs and execute commands on FileCloud apps remotely, simplifying the management of large deployments, directly from FileCloud’s Admin Portal.

4. More Sharing Capabilities to Desktop Apps: Users can share files with a specific user or set password while sharing from Outlook Add-on, FileCloud Sync or FileCloud Drive.

5. User Policy Management: Currently, many settings are set globally or overridden on a per-user basis, which is hard to manage across hundreds of users. To simplify the user policy management, we are introducing the concept of ‘policies’ –  a collection of rules and settings that can be applied to a specific user or sets of users.

Features to Comply with GDPR

We are announcing a set of features in this  FileCloud update (17.3) to help you meet European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR is one of the strictest regulations passed to protect consumer privacy. It impacts any business that handles EU residents’ data and the data protection rules become enforceable starting from May 2018.

Integrates with Microsoft Office 365

 In today’s mobile-first world, employees and customers want to access, edit and collaborate on files from any device. Users can’t remotely co-author or edit  Microsoft Office files that are behind a firewall, unless the organization moves the files to a cloud storage service such as Dropbox, OneDrive. FileCloud has joined Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner program and integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to offer browser-based editing and collaboration. With this integration, you can remotely coauthor and collaborate on Office documents even if they are stored behind a firewall.