Blockchain and AI will take data backup and downtime control to the next level

Alex Sakaguchi believes that in 2019 we will see more innovators experimenting with blockchain use cases that demonstrate many of the blockchain data protection benefits; he also believes that the predictive capabilities that artificial intelligence (AI) offers can give organizations more control over downtime. He explains below:

Going into 2019, we’re going to see the technology market continue to transform and adapt to new customer demands. In particular, IT and data companies will be collecting, analysing and providing insights about vast volumes of data – more so than ever before. Businesses will need to start thinking about the future of how they perform these tasks, and how to take advantage of new solutions that can make the jobs and lives of the people responsible for these tasks easier. New solutions can also guarantee more security and reliability, enabling better relationships with customers.

In particular, data and IT staff will tend to incorporate more blockchain technology into their workflows for data security and protection. And with the consistent stream of business, leveraging technologies that enable predictive insights will give IT staff the tools to know how or when to upgrade technology to ensure there are no business disruptions.

Source: DRJ New feed

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