Continuity Patrol™

The Market’s only Fully Automated BCP/ DR Suite…

With Single-Click Disaster Recovery

Through its universally acclaimed, flagship product, Continuity Patrol™, Perpetuuiti enables one-button click Disaster Recovery to organizations.

Need for Disaster Recovery

Business and Business requirements are fast changing and rapidly evolving. As a result complexity and criticality of the IT Infrastructure assumes greater and greater significance. The unavailability of this IT infrastructure can have devastating effects on the viability of continuity of business. In fact, according to a study conducted by Aveco, among the organizations which experience a major IT Disaster or data loss –

  • 43% will never re-open
  • 80% fail within 13 months
  • 53% of claimants never recoup the losses incurred by a disaster

Why DR Automation?


Pain Point – Cannot pull the plug to check if DR site works.
Need – Ability to do real-world DR drills with reduced RTO and with minimal requirement of skilled resources.


Pain Point – They don’t know if DR investment will fructify on the day of reckoning.
Need – Dashboard with real-time analysis of data and time loss.

To this extent, it is imperative for organizations not only to have a watertight Business Continuity Plan in place but also make sure that the investment made in the BCP and IT DR bears fruit if and when the IT DR needs to be invoked; and for a DR to succeed as planned, following 3 elements have to crucially come and work together as planned:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

If any one of these elements fail to perform as planned, the DR execution is bound to fail. In addition it is very important for the DR Steering committee to have a clear visibility into the health of the DR infrastructure relative to the MTPOD, RPO and RTO objectives set forth by the organization. In such a scenario the best strategy is to reduce manual intervention as much as possible through automation. This ensures that the DR plan stands on its own as and when required. It also ensures elimination of human error as much as possible.

Core Functionality of Continuity Patrol™

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions have evolved a long way since 2000s but not far enough; especially in multi-site and multi-mode configuration situations… that is until Perpetuuiti developed Continuity Patrol.

Continuity Patrol is Perpetuuiti’s DR innovation that helps an organization implement DR in the traditional way as well as on the cloud.

To maintain DR environment of complex IT infrastructure, many set of procedures and processes are required to be followed at various layers of infrastructure such as OS, DB, Storage, Application and so on. Such tasks needs to be performed well within time and without any error to meet RTO and RPO timelines during Data Synchronization phase, DR Drills and in actual DR situation.

Continuity Patrol™ integrates all these layers and creates workflows to perform task quickly and without any error. Apart from performing tasks Continuity Patrol™ provide reports, which are helpful for management to access DR readiness and helpful for DR execution decision making. Continuity Patrol™ also monitors DR IT infrastructure and take actions if any of the component is not working properly to ensure DR environment is always up and ready.


Product Highlights

Single-click Disaster Recovery.

AGENT LESS/ SCRIPT LESS multi-tenancy DR automation software.

Supports cloud and enterprise environment enabling to use for enterprise IT DR Services model as well as DRaaS model.

Based on ISO 22301 and BS 25999 standards.

Fully customizable workflows support recovery till application services level.

Real time service level dashboard that provides information on the health of the DR environment against the defined RPOs and RTOs

Extensive monitoring features provide detailed report on MTPOD/ Data Lag/ Recovery Time and various reports for management and audit review.

Monitors and manages the entire DR environment from a single console

Detects and creates alerts on vulnerabilities that could impact DR readiness or availability

API library allows organizations to customize workflows

Validates synchronization of production and DR environments

Supports heterogeneous DR environment.

Provides visibility of IT DR solution health and its readiness at any point of time to the management, against the defined RPOs and RTOs.

Enable customers to manage automated DR drills (Switchover/ Switchback) and Recovery (Failover).

Improves the probability of recovery when compared to point in time DR testing methods in use

Helps organizations to reduce overall TCO of IT DR solution.

DR compliance records and reports to meet the regulatory requirements.

Network DNS and NATTING automation.

Job scheduler for built-in replication.

Reduces capital and operational expenditures

Continuity Patrol™ performs below major tasks for DR automation

Fully automates DR processes and provides real-time visibility that is tied into the Business Impact.

Orchestrates continuity and recovery procedures for virtual and physical computing resources across data centers.

Mitigates and drastically reduces DR operational risks at a favorable price point.

Automates failover, failback, switchover and switchback procedures in case of a disaster.

Enables proactive metric-driven decision making while invoking DR with minimal human intervention.

Works seamlessly with a variety of complex heterogeneous IT environments without any technology limitations.

Verifies business continuity with simple planned failover and failback testing.

Centralizes administration and reporting.

Optimizes replication for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Ensures the availability, integrity and consistency of the Web/ App/ DB tiers.

Offers a holistic view of a complex heterogeneous IT DR environment.

Pre-flight checks for DR drill requirement.

Dynamic UI based multi format reports exportable in popular reporting engines.

Provides alerts on event threshold conditions.

Central console for DR management activities such as automated DR drill, application start/stop activities, etc.

Continuity Patrol communicates to all the devices in the network through SSH protocol to monitor and manage them end-to-end.

The product has in-built layer for IBM 3270 emulation to automate Mainframe systems.

Provides remote management.

The product’s in-built file replication (DataSync™) replicates from multiple sources to multiple destination files/ folders and nested files/ folders.

Benefits of DR automation using Continuity Patrol™

Allows IT Disaster recovery processes to be built on a reliable, consistent recovery time.

Recovery times can remain consistent as the system scales to provide a flexible solution designed to meet changing business needs.

Reduces infrastructure management cost and staffing skills.

Reduces or eliminates human/ operational error and inefficiencies during the recovery process at time of a disaster.

Facilitates regular testing to help ensure repeatable, reliable, scalable IT Disaster Recovery.

Helps maintain recovery readiness by managing and monitoring the server, data replication, workload and the network along with the notification of events that occur within the environment.

Improves business growth and agility.

More Value-Adds to the Customer

Below are some add-on products/ features available to choose to make IT DR and BC planning and management more robust and effective.
Parallel Processing
Continuity Patrol has the capability to utilize unused processing power at DR side to bring up the large number of DR site applications during actual DR situation or drills. This feature eliminates the requirement of additional need of processing power for DR management software when all the applications in DR are failing over or applications are increased in number since initial setup.

Resource Coordinator Feature
Resource coordinator feature of Continuity Patrol performs vital role of resource coordination during DR drill and actual DR situation. This reduces large amount of human efforts and time required for sending/ updating various stake holders and resources for actual recovery processes, alerts, information and messages.

BCP Document Management System
Continuity Patrol Document Management System allows to create an effective business continuity plan with well-defined policies and procedures. It maintains complete information history, user access details and updates for past document reference and well defined templates for capturing the complete details for BCP. These documents are securely and electronically stored for ready reference and use by authorized resources, and can be referred to only in case of emergency.

Unified Dashboard




Workflow Execution

workflow execution

workflow execution 2

Sample Report

sample report