Continuity Vault™

Comprehensive System that creates effective Business Continuity Plan.

Perpetuuiti provides a complete, end-to-end automated approach towards Business Continuity Planning (BCP) through its flagship product Continuity Vault™, to mitigate the risks and vulnerabilities and threats to an organization.

Business Continuity Planning

A series of major global crises in the last decade – including terrorist attacks, a financial recession, outages, tsunamis, and earthquakes – have demonstrated that even the most unlikely catastrophes can occur and seriously debilitate business operations. In response, stakeholders and regulators are demanding that organizations include business continuity planning in their risk management and business models, so as to ensure that if a catastrophe occurs, operations and services will not be disrupted.


Business Continuity Planning (BCP) identifies an organization’s exposure to internal and external threats and provides an effective prevention and recovery systems and methods for the organization. It is also called Business Continuity and Resiliency Planning (BCRP). A Business Continuity Plan is a roadmap for continuing operations under extreme crisis situations such as fire, flood, storm or a riot. Any event that could impact operations is included, such as supply chain interruption, loss of or damage to critical infrastructure (major machinery or computing/network resource). As such, risk management must also be incorporated as integral part of BCP. A good business continuity plan invokes a high level of trust and confidence in an organization. It also helps protect organizational assets, and minimizes legal liability. That being said, most organizations find it an uphill task to effectively create and enforce a Business Continuity Plan. Apart from the complexity of realistically simulating disaster scenarios, there is the difficulty of coordinating risk management and internal controls activities across the enterprise, and testing and updating continuity plans at regular intervals. Many organizations approach these processes manually which only drives costs higher. Moreover, most business continuity plans are restricted to the internal boundaries of an organization, which puts them at risk of disruptions caused outside e.g. in the supply chain.

Source of outages (Global data)


Source : Contingency Planning Research Inc.

Core Functionality of Continuity Vault™

The Continuity Vault system allows creating effective business continuity plan with well-defined policies and procedures and comprehensive information. It maintains information history, user access details and updates with reference to past documents. These documents can be referred only in case of an emergency. Continuity Vault helps to perform risk assessment and risk impact analysis using the results of previous Business Impact Analyses. This system delivers comprehensive reports on disaster event.

Continuity Vault™ performs below major Business Continuity Planning tasks

Maintains document history, user access permission and privacy.

Provides updated information which is readily available in case of emergency through mobiles.

Complete steps and ways of communication procedures with organizational management and other stakeholders as well as for public relations and broadcasting options and concerned authority.

It also maintains the employee communication plan with complete employee details like emergency contact information, id’s network passwords, etc., in a secured way.

A detailed plan documented to handle phone calls, website updates, e-mail delivery and any other communication channels to maintain up-to-date disaster assessment and insurance claims.

Unified Graphical and Responsive Dashboard


Unified dashboard with BCM execution on a single-click.

Graphical representation of Financial Impact – RTO and MTR data.

Graphical representation of Operational Impact – RTO and MTR details.

Complete risk management plan to understand and manage risks.

Develops procedures for recovery tasks.

Alignment of resources and assets, and connects the same efficiently to the process plan.

Ability to schedule and exercise the complete Business Continuity Plan as an exercise to prepare for the actual disaster.

Verifies the status of the Business Continuity Plan anytime and provides efficient notifications of the critical changes to the respective owners and contacts.


Complete timeline based visual representation of the entire Process Plan.

Visual mapping of various stages and entities in Business Continuity Plan available by simple selecting the appropriate process steps.

Ability to create own business process workflows for future.

Conduct a broad Business Impact Analysis.

Detailed analysis and documentation of critical infrastructure facilities and the same is linked to the plan.

Important Modules

Business Process

Business-ProcessBusiness Process Identifies and records critical processes during Business Impact Analysis.






Process-MappingProcess Mapping During Business Impact Analysis, priority of an application, its recovery time objective and minimum resources required to recover it are captured during defining business process.



Business Impact Analysis

Business-Impact-Analysis Business Impact Analysis Provides a record of each Business Impact Analysis exercise irrespective of its stage, like planning, work-in-progress or completed.






Strategy Development

Strategy-DevelopmentStrategy Development This module is an approach to follow the steps to recover from serious disruptions and to continue the operations in case of a disaster