Leveraging Technologies for Business Resiliency and Service Availability Management.

The people, process and technology focus in Perpetuuiti’s product portfolio translates itself into high-end adaptability to every technology environment. Perpetuuiti’s product suite transforms the BCM processes to a responsive, fast and sustainable solution designed to minimize the impact of any disaster on the organization. The scope of processes covered by Perpetuuiti’s products range from definition and monitoring to synchronization, compliance management and more. Perpetuuiti’s flagship products address the entire gamut of continuity management across business continuity planning, IT disaster recovery management, business process automation, and enterprise cross platform replication.

Business Continuity Planning

The world has seen a series of major crises in the last decade, ranging from economic recession to terror attacks and natural disasters. That catastrophes can come at any time, strike anywhere and completely paralyze business operations is a harsh truth that organizations across the world have had to accept. It is now imperative for companies to include business continuity planning in their risk management strategies to ensure minimal downtime, disruption of operations and revenue losses. Perpetuuiti offers complete, holistic automated business continuity planning designed to protect the organizations’ assets, minimize disruptions and prepare for the most unexpected disasters.

Perpetuuiti provides a complete, end-to-end automated approach towards BCP through its flagship product Continuity Vault™ to mitigate the risks, vulnerabilities and threats to an organization.

Continuity Vault™

IT Disaster Recovery Management

Most organizations operate complex IT systems essential to the smooth functioning of the enterprise. It is therefore critical to ensure the IT systems recover quickly and effectively from any expected or unexpected catastrophe. Perpetuuiti’s products ensure seamless quick IT disaster recovery by enabling operational automation of the IT DR processes lifecycle. Perpetuuiti ensures that mission critical data, applications and systems are protected in the event of a disaster in a way that is cost time and effort efficient.

Perpetuuiti provides world-class solution for customers in the area of IT Disaster Recovery Management through its product Continuity Patrol™. Continuity Patrol™ enables operational automation of the entire life cycle of the IT DR processes in a complex heterogeneous environment.

Continuity Patrol™

Datacenter Monitoring and Management

vSolution capabilities:

  • Data center infrastructure management
  • IP address management
  • Impact dependency mapping
  • Software license management
  • IT password management
  • REST APIs and integration