The TSplus team is thrilled to announce big changes for 2019. Our team of expert developers, with input from users and administrators, have brought TSplus a new look and new features. A new administration tool with refined workflow makes management easier than ever before.

In 2019, TSplus will continue to build on a history of success, with a renewed focus on Quality and Professionalism. TSplus version 12 is a major step in this direction.

Early adopters have loved it. What are the significant changes?

The most visible change is the new Interface. With a new look and streamlined access to the core features, the TSplus version 12 Interface was designed with three main objectives in mind – A Modern and User-Friendly Design, Easy and Intuitive Navigation and Simplified Management.

Larger than previous versions, the TSplus Version 12 interface now contains 10 tabs: In addition to the usual “Applications”, “Web” and “License” tabs, you will discover seven new tabs. The new tab structure is more clearly laid out and better integrated than ever before! It provides one click access to mission critical functionality and separates features into logical categories.


The benefits of this new interface can be summarized with three words: Speed, Security and Simplicity!

A quick overview of the new tab structure:

  • Home: A real dashboard, displaying the most important information about the software and allowing quick actions on the server.
  • Applications: The Application tab is a new addition to the top level menu that creates a central management console for application publishing.
  • Printer: Quick access to all of the TSplus Universal Printing tools.
  • Web: All web activity from the Web Portal with its free SSL certificate generator to management of the Remoteapp client has been consolidated into one easy to manage console.
  • Farm: Set all Farm Manager settings from this tab (only with Enterprise Edition!)
  • Sessions: Set all parameters for your users and efficiently manage access from one single place.
  • System Tools: Direct access to basic Windows system administration tools in a snap.
  • Advanced: Quickly and easily add specific parameters directly into TSplus program code.
  • Add-ons: Discover additional programs to integrate with TSplus. RDS-Knight, Server Genius and the amazing new Two Factor Authentication tool!
  • License: Allows administrators to quickly check on the status of their server’s license.

Following the path set out in 2018, the TSplus Development Team gave its users one more fantastic feature to start the new year, available as a 30-days trial version for 10 users!

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security by combining two different factors:

  1. The user credentials (Logon/Password)
  2. One security code provided by something each user immediately has at hand: His Smartphone with an authentication app such as Google Authenticate.

Each time a user signs into a remote session, both the password and the verification code (available from a mobile phone) will be requested.