Do you know which of these 7 cyber attacks isn’t real?

When CentaurWipe infected hundreds of companies in December 2016, IT departments were left flat-footed. Named for its dual attack of locking down devices while systematically erasing files, CentaurWipe was finally contained after an emergency patch was deployed.

Cyber security threats awareness

Knowing what malware does, what it targets, and how to stop it can help you keep your systems safe.

Sound familiar?

It shouldn’t. It never happened.

But in a recent survey of 510 IT decision-makers, more than 85 percent thought CentaurWipe was a real cyberattack when we asked them to pick the fake among a list of real attacks. More respondents picked WannaCry as the fake cyberattack than CentaurWipe.

What’s going on here? Are there just so many cyberattacks that it’s hard to remember all the names?

Or is there a lack of awareness that could be putting organizations in jeopardy?

Source: DRJ New feed

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