Dump The Toxic Culture

Making Your Workplace a Harassment-Free Zone

Too many workplaces have allowed sexual harassment to continue unchecked for years. In some cases, company executives have been the worst perpetrators of these toxic cultures. Companies that fail to take notice and make changes have set themselves up for internal upheaval and legal claims that may threaten the business. Fortunately, employers can turn toxic cultures around by following four simple steps.

What started in July 2016 with Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes has snowballed over the last two years into hundreds of similar allegations against politicians, entertainers, media personalities and corporate executives. Recent admissions have revealed that some organizations’ leaders knowingly allowed workplace harassment to continue unchecked for years. Only now – as terminations and calls for resignations reverberate – have these workplaces begun re-evaluating their policies and training to effect an overall change in workplace culture.

If your company has not already begun examining its organizational environment and policies to ensure a harassment-free workplace, the time is now.


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