clever file management can save you storage space and reduce your cost of ownership

The cost of managing your data can be up to 10 times the cost of your storage!

File Archiver delivers a policy-based solution that calms the demanding complexity of file management. It comprises two modules, File Archiver itself, and File Analyzer.

About File Archiver

File Archiver provides four capabilities to assist you in saving storage:

  • Reporting – view your files by server, by owner, by size, by type, by name, etc., to pinpoint any abuse of your storage
  • Deleting – clean up your file servers and purge old and unneeded files. From any report, just check the box next to a file name and click Delete. Reclaim your storage in minutes
  • Archiving – Protect files by copying them to the archive server. Move older versions of files to the archive
  • Stubbing – Reclaim storage space without disrupting users. Remove older files from file servers and replace them with an intelligent “stub” that automatically retrieves the original file from the archive.

File Archiver automatically removes files according to policies you set, and frees up space on your expensive storage devices. It replaces the files with links to the file that was moved to the archive.