Five Business Continuity Predictions for 2019

Charlie Maclean Bristol offers five predictions for areas that will have an impact on business continuity during 2019…

Volatility globally is going to get worse

In 2019 there will be an acceleration of the global change from globalism, social liberal politics and the USA as the unchallenged superpower, to a world of populism, nationalism and trade wars; with China and Russia challenging USA hegemony. There has been a lot in the news post-Christmas about sales being down for certain shops in the UK high street, so again we can see that the switch to online is accelerating and disrupting existing businesses. This means there will be even more uncertainty for businesses over the next year. This all suggests the need for organizations to be more resilient and nimbler, in order to be able to horizon scan for new challenges and be able to adapt to changing circumstances as they occur.

One of the roles of business continuity managers is to look outside the organization to identify possible supply chain issues, incidents elsewhere which could affect the organization, and possible new threats. Over the year we should redouble our efforts to carry out this role effectively.


Source: DRJ New feed

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