• Alt-N Technologies has changed its name to MDaemon Technologies. WorldClient is now MDaemon Webmail, WorldClient Instant Messenger is now MDaemon Instant Messenger, SecurityPlus is now MDaemon Antivirus, and Outlook Connector is now MDaemon Connector.
  • The MDaemon installer now includes MDaemon AntiVirus and MDaemon Connector, which are licensed separately.
  • The “From Header Modification” feature has changed. It operates as before however the format of the final modified From data has changed from this format: “Email — Name” <Email> to this format: “Name (Email)” <Email>. This new format is more readable/usable/sortable etc. If you would rather keep the old format (your users may be used to it already) you can check a box at Ctrl+S|Screening|Hijack Detection|From Header Modification.
  • A past installer reset the option “Ctrl+S|Sender Authentication|SMTP Authentication|Authentication is always required when mail is sent from local IPs” to disabled for upgraders.  The installer has been changed to ignore this setting.  You must manually check that this option is set to your desire.  The default is for it to be checked (enabled) but you should check to be sure it is set how you want.
  • The following settings have had default values changed.  Existing installations should check to be sure the following settings are as desired: Ctrl+S|Security Settings|SSL & TLS|MDaemon: Enable the dedicated SSL ports… and SMTP server requires STARTTLS… options have had defaults changed from disabled to enabled. Ctrl+S|Security Settings|Sender Authentication|DMARC verification|Honor p=reject… has changed from disabled to enabled. Ctrl+S| Security Settings|Sender Authentication|SPF Verification|User local address in SMTP envelope…has changed from disabled to enabled. Ctrl+S|Security Settings| Screening|IP Screen|Apply IP Screen to MSA connections has changed from disabled to enabled. Ctrl+S|Security Settings|Screening|Host Screen|Drop connection after EHLO has changed from disabled to enabled.
  • Catalog functionality has been deprecated and removed from the UI.
  • All Virtru related support has been removed from MDaemon Webmail. Old encrypted messages can still be viewed in the Virtru Secure Reader.
  • Previously when a message was sent to an alias, MDPGP would encrypt it using the key for the actual email address. Now that same message won’t be encrypted. To encrypt it now requires a key for the alias.


  • Email Snooze
  • Public Calendars
  • Remember Me
  • Exempt Known ActiveSync Devices from Location Screening