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Microdium by providing the latest Backup,Replication,Clustering, DR Management, Data center Management Technology and focusing on the highest quality software solutions, it has clearly set itself apart from the competition.

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Microdium offices in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Thailand And partners in Asia Pacific, We carry cost effective solutions to enable your organization to protect your data

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Software

Microdium focuses on Disaster Recovery Software technology Distribution  brings IT products to market in Asia Pacific that –

  • Offer genuinely unique and innovative technologies
  • Are stable, and successful in the U.S. or Europe but are not yet widely established in Asia
  • Deliver large and immediate cost reductions and productivity improvements (achieving more with fewer resources), in addition to longer term benefits
  • Have a high value-add component
  • Are most appropriate for large and medium sized organizations

We work on innovative technologies whose vendors need expansion in Asia. We undertake the marketing, channel recruitment and direct sales to large end-user organizations that are needed to raise market awareness, and to set new de facto solutions standards.

This often means re positioning products, and creating materials that communicate clearly and concisely these new concepts, and their benefits, in terms that are meaningful to potential customers.

With our many years of expertise, we aim to be remembered as the pioneers and the professionals in the niche field of fault-tolerance and high-availability solutions for end-users and partners alike to approach us when a need arises while actively expanding our business through direct selling, promotional activities and partnerships with the various SI and solution providers.

We are currently the Distributors for the following software:
Waterford – File Archiver


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