No-Fail Events to Take the Pulse of Your Compliance Program

Do you ever wish you could take a quick “pulse check” to see how your compliance education is landing – to identify subject areas that need improved awareness and know with certainty what your people really need? Fresenius’ Mary Shirley offers some fresh ideas.

Risk Assessments and Culture of Integrity Surveys vs. Pulse Check

I bet you already have a fancy risk assessment and have been utilizing culture of compliance/integrity surveys to get feedback from your business for quite some time now – enough to see year-on-year trends, even. These surveys and assessments certainly have their place, but they can be time consuming to implement and analyze, and of course they require buy-in from the business.

I recommend a “pulse check” at an annual compliance week event, in which the company dedicates a week of focus on the compliance function and program and often incorporates fun activities and events such as a compliance fair in the festivities.

The benefit of a pulse check at an annual compliance event is that it’s an immediate, focused indicator of what you need to know; and the best part: you don’t need to persuade your colleagues to participate. They will be literally lining up to give you juicy information to improve and better direct your compliance program efforts.

Because playing games at these events doesn’t feel as serious as a risk assessment interview, staff may give more candid feedback – which can be very reliable for actioning future initiatives.


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