Nor'easter Damage, Disruption Widespread on Cape

(TNS) – Liam’s wasn’t the only casualty of erosion from this past weekend’s stormy weather along the Outer Cape beaches.

Karst Hoogeboom, chief of facilities and maintenance for the Cape Cod National Seashore, estimated at least $500,000 worth of damage from the storm, including to the staircase at Marconi Beach, which cost $150,000 to build last year after storm damage. The Seashore will also have to replace the shingles on six park buildings, repair Moors Road in Provincetown, and repair toilets at Herring Cove Beach.

Erosion undercut the parking lot at Maguire Landing Beach, said Suzanne Grout Thomas, Wellfleet beach administrator.

Town landings in Chatham also suffered storm damage, said Theodore Keon, director of coastal resources in Chatham. The opening of what is known as the Fool’s Cut just south of the 1987 Chatham Break appears to have widened and helped drive flooding in the Little Beach neighborhoods. North Beach Island appears thinner and flatter, but the two cottages on the island survived the storm.

More than 100 impact assessments had been conducted in 19 communities by 13 coastal zone management team as of Sunday evening, according to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, with the majority reporting widespread beach and dune erosion, and overwash of sand, gravel, and cobble material on roadways.

Source: DRJ New feed

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