Officials Work Through Response to Natural Disasters

(TNS) – It was May 1, 2019, and a tornado was heading toward the Kirksville R-III School District.

That was the premise of an exercise conducted at the district’s administration building Wednesday, when emergency responders and school officials gathered to consider how the district and the city would respond in an emergency weather event.

“This is not a test,” Kirksville Police Department Chief Jim Hughes, who led the exercise, said. “We’re not gonna succeed or fail, and even in a real natural disaster, not everybody gets through it, but at some point it gets resolved. The point of doing these types of exercises is to get that resolution as positive as possible.”

Hughes led the room through a scenario in which the school district’s campus is hit by a tornado measured at a four on the Enhanced Fujita scale, meaning it has wind speeds up to 200 miles per hour and can do substantial damage such as leveling homes and throwing cars through the air. Participants talked through what they would do at every step of the hypothetical situation, from receiving news of a tornado watch to reunite children with parents after the danger had passed.

Source: DRJ New feed

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