MailStore Server 11.2.1

What’s New in MailStore Server Fixed Archiving from Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office365 may fail under certain circumstances in hybrid environments or migration scenarios. Fixed Very large recovery records lead to continuous auto compacting of recovery record files. Fixed Audit log entries larger

Announcing Retrospect 15.6

We’re excited to announce Retrospect 15.6 for Windows and Mac with improved integration with Retrospect Management Console, enhanced support for macOS Mojave, platform certification for Windows 10 October 2018 Update, and email protection for IceWarp productivity suite. Retrospect Management Console

MailStore 11.2 Is out Now!

MailStore Server 11.2 Official Microsoft Exchange 2019 support. New Official Microsoft Outlook 2019 support. Improved Extend RecoverStore command by option to also restore deleted emails. Prior to usage consulting tech support is highly recommended. Improved Retention Policies: Stricter validation of policies. Improved Updated privacy