Windows – March 3, 2020


  • Windows app –
  • Windows client –
  • Mac client –
  • Linux client –

Management Console

  • NEWDashboard displays status for backup engines
  • NEWAutomatic Onboarding for Servers and Endpoints
  • NEWAutomatic Onboarding for Retrospect Backup engines
  • NEWAutomatic Onboarding for Retrospect Virtual


  • NEWOnboarding: Option to send public key to Management Console automatically
  • FIXEDDashboard: Fixed Spanish localization error (#8479)


  • NEWAutomatic Onboarding with Retrospect Management Console
  • NEWNexsan E-Series/Unity Certification
  • NEW10x Faster ProactiveAI
  • NEWRestore Preflight
  • IMPROVEDInstallation: Installer has been simplified to “Install Retrospect.exe”
  • IMPROVEDClient Discovery: Support for per-minute polling
  • FIXEDConfiguration Management: Fixed issue with importing certain subvolumes from configs.xml (#7848)
  • FIXEDAutomatic Updates: Fixed issue where client update process incorrectly reports as failed with error -562 (network connection reset by peer) (#7957)
  • FIXEDStorage Groups: Fixed UI issue for backing up more than one source and -843 log issues (#7951)
  • FIXEDStorage Groups: Fixed issue with skipping to a new member for cloud members (#8204)
  • FIXEDStorage Groups: Fixed issue with backing up to a storage group that is being rebuilt (#7959)
  • FIXEDStorage Groups: Fixed issue with large rebuilds of storage groups reporting a missing sub-catalog (#8063)
  • FIXEDStorage Groups: Fixed -843 error during snapshot transfer (#8124)
  • FIXEDStorage Groups: Fixed issue with multiple write access to the same catalog file (#8373)
  • FIXEDLogging: Correctly map Windows error 1630 to “Data of this type is not supported” (#7993)
  • FIXEDNAS: Fixed issue with displaying a mounted share twice under My Network Places (#8269)
  • FIXEDNAS: Fixed issue with adding a NAS share in Backup Sets > Member > Add (#8421)
  • FIXEDNAS: Fixed issue where certain shares not displayed if not mounted through Retrospect (#8503)
  • FIXEDCloud Backup: Fixed issue where backup will ask for media after member size has been increased (#8282)
  • FIXEDCloud Backup: Fixed issue where certain local cloud rebuilds failed (#8423)
  • FIXEDCloud Backup: Fixed issue where Dropbox performance was slower than expected (#8458)
  • FIXEDCloud Backup: Fixed issue with AWS S3 API signature v2 support (#8520)
  • FIXEDEmail Backup: Fixed issue where files chosen showed incorrect value for what is being overwritten (#8298)
  • FIXEDBackup: Fixed crash for names that contain specifier characters such as %T (#8379)
  • FIXEDTransfer: Fixed issue where transfer backup set transferred more snapshots than required (#8404)
  • FIXEDGrooming: Fixed issue where groom failure could cause catalog errors after a rebuild (#8457)


  • FIXEDWindows Client: Fixed issue where client did not start if no network connection detected at launch (#8455)
  • FIXEDMac Client: Fixed issue where non-English Windows engine showed main Catalina volume as empty (#8415)