We’re excited to announce Retrospect 15 and Retrospect Virtual 2018. With Retrospect 15, you can protect even more of your customers’ environments with email protection, BackupBot AI, remote backup, and data hooks–available on Windows and Mac. Retrospect Virtual 2018 is built for larger VMware and Hyper-V environments with Management Console replication and redirection as well as Linux guest support.

Retrospect 15 for Windows and Mac is a paid upgrade for prior versions of Retrospect and will be available on March 6.

Key Features

  • Email Protection
    Protect Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, and many others, or migrate from one to another with a couple clicks.
  • BackupBot
    BackupBot combines artificial intelligence and personalized data protection analytics to embed more intelligence in Retrospect’s data protection strategies.
  • Remote Backup
    Remote backup with Retrospect enables organizations to protect both employees in the office and remote employees across the world.
  • Data Hooks
    Data Hooks are extensible dashboard plugins to summarize every important aspect of what Retrospect is doing, from storage to ongoing activities to overall protection.
  • Web Console
    The Web Console is the next step for the Retrospect interface, with the console running as a web application and the engine as a background service. A preview release for Windows and Mac will be available in May 2018.
  • Retrospect Solo
    Retrospect Solo is the newest addition to our data protection suite, available for $49. Retrospect Solo provides personal data protection to one computer and its external hard drives, with support for data backup and migration, email protection and migration, cloud backup, and BackupBot AI.

Retrospect Virtual 2018 will be available March 6.

Key Features

  • Management Console Replication
    The Management Console now supports replication to a different Management Console instance.
  • Management Console Redirection.
    Retrospect Virtual supports Management Console redirection for better protection for larger environments through partitioning.
  • Linux Virtual Host Server Support.
    Retrospect Virtual extends data protection to Linux guest virtual machines.