New Features

  • Changes to backup schedule and retention policies:
    • Backup scheduling and retention are aligned.
    • Hourly backups allow selection of hours of the day.
    • Daily backups allow selections of either days of the week or days of the month.
    • Retention can be set for minutely.
    • Eliminated setting for minimum recovery points to keep, existing
  • Recovery file search feature allows you to quickly find and restore files from a recovery point.

Fixed Issues

Server Backup Manager
  • If you upgraded to version 6.8.1, without first upgrading to 6.2.2 this release will resolve an issue where policies will not load.   Shutdown the cdp server and apply this update.
  • SBM_No Soap Api calls available to get/set Replication Type on DiskSafe/volume configuration
  • API_Can not create/update a disk safe setting ReplicationType as REMOTE (targetServerId is not present)
  • serverbackup-setup –set-max-mem 4g fails with exit status 1 if setting mem over 1024
  • MySQL recovery does not restore all tables inside a DB
  • “New Machine” button greyed out when Restrict maximum server count is set for power-user
  • A Sub-User is able to generate reports for all servers owned by their reporting Power-Users.
  • Local Archiving Re-enabled when editing Policy
  • Mysql browser – Could not read disk files from Virtuozzo
  • MariaDB backup restore Fails
  • directadmin end users not able to restore files
  • e-mail reporting not working with some smtp configurations
Server Backup Agent
  • Backup Failure – Unicode conversion error converting to UTF8
  • MySQL_Restore and backup DB never completes when target DB has tables locked
  • Mysql authentication input error string
  • EXT4 Filesystem has unsupported read only features
  • Upgrade Notes