Version V8, build 12146

VTL and Cloud Replication

Support for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage has been added in the replicator.


Fixed issue on pre-V8R6 devices: when user data size exceeded 1.2 TB, data corruption could occur on the service restart.
Fix for excessive storage usage under high load: defragmentation procedure has been changed.

Synchronous replication

Event log messages became more explicit to identify the source of performance issues:

  • (id 809) Underlying device response time is longer than expected.
  • (id 824) Partner “%s” request response time is longer than expected.
  • (id 825) Request execution time is longer than expected.

The maintenance mode message has been changed in accordance with “on” and “off” event:

  • (id 821) Maintenance mode is turned ON.
  • (id 822) Maintenance mode is turned OFF.

Fix for processing HA device configuration changes with Node Majority strategy. When two HA partner devices were deleted manually on a server, the remaining partner (without the majority) was staying online and processing requests. Now, it is turned to the “not synchronized” state, as it has not enough votes for the majority.
Fix for operation with Node Majority strategy with a Witness node. When one data node was offline and the Witness node went offline and then back online, the HA device did not return to the online state even having the majority with nodes.

E-mail notifications

The 30-second interval between sending separate messages has been removed.
Fix for an issue when SMTP port number couldn’t be changed.

Flat Storage

Improvement: when creating a device on storage that reports physical sector size incorrectly, the service allows creating the device with a warning.

StarWindX PowerShell module

The VTL management functionality has been added to StarWindX PowerShell module. You can find the samples below:
Powershell module: Fix for reporting tape barcode in device.Slots object.

A sample for a 3-node LSFS-based HA device has been added:


Fix for processing “SectorSize” parameter. Now it is possible to create devices with a 4k sector size.
Fix for the HA device creation with COM object and PowerShell scripts.
Fix for the snapshot creation functionality in COM object and PowerShell scripts.