This Time Last Year…Peak Tornado Season Started with Full Force

The old Farmer’s Almanac saying ‘in like a lion, out like a lamb’ was in the fullest of force last year

On March 1, the first EF4 tornado of the year ripped across Missouri and Illinois. Then on March 6 to 7, one of the worst tornado outbreaks in history sent 63 tornadoes tearing across the Central US in just nine and a half hours. Nineteen people were injured from Oklahoma to Ontario and $6.7 billion in damages incurred due to the tornadoes. So what can your organization do for March 2018 to reduce the impact of twisters during tornado season?

Identifying the Threats

Let’s take a look back at the biggest losses from the tornado outbreak that hit Perryville, Oak Grove, and dozens of other Central Plains cities. During the first two tornadoes that whipped through on March 1, there were four fatalities and 38 injuries, many of which occurred in the aftermath of the tornado. As noted, this day was when the first major EF4 tornado touched down for the year; an EF5 is the most damaging, and an EF4 produces winds of up to 200 mph resulting in devastation.

Then by March 6-7, the number of fatalities dropped to zero and the injuries were reduced—even though the tornado count went from two to 63. There are two main reasons why there weren’t more deaths in the second round of tornadoes. First, among the 63 tornadoes on the 6th and 7th, an EF3 was the most severe of the twisters.

Secondly, the awareness from the first round of tornadoes most definitely prompted emergency response teams and individuals to be on high alert for pending threats. What can community leadersr be doing to help minimize safety risks during tornado season?

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