The TSplus team is pleased to announce the general availability of the 10.50 release. This new release includes great new features and enhancements:

New RemoteApp On Client Option:

The 10.50 release introduces an icon in the notification area which gives to each user the list of all of his Remote Applications. This is a new way for administrators to deliver remote applications (referred to as  “RemoteApps“) to their users. Specifically, RemoteApp On Client enables a straightforward publishing process that allows applications installed directly on the server to be provided to users, allows RemoteApp programs to run side-by-side with local programs, and offers integration with a custom “launcher” application to make it simple for users to find and launch RemoteApp programs. The user Applications list will also appear in the Start menu under All Programs in a folder called My Remote Applications.

To deploy this new amazing TSplus capability is simple: The Administrator have to generate new connection clients and to allow this option within the AdminTool.

  • HTML5 client improvement: The Drag & Drop file transfer feature is one of the great functionality of TSplus Web Portal solution. With the 10.50 release, it has been improved to strengthen and to warrant the reliability of the file transfer processes even when very large files size or numerous number of files are request at once. The memory size and the CPU requirement have been optimized and the new Drag & Drop file transfer now becomes predictable and efficient. If a user is uploading several times the same files, the system was not keeping any record of the oldest ones. In the 10.50 release this has been changed,  and when a same file name is uploaded several times, the copies are saved with a name extension (1), (2), (3)… This is a better and expected behavior for the user. Finally, the HTML5 Top Menu icons have been enhanced with a new design:
  • Windows 10 Home is now supported again.
  • All 10.40 known issues have been fixed and are included in this release.

TSplus 10.50 is a major release and we recommend you to download and to apply the Update Release. For more information, go to our Website.
Furthermore, this release is now enabling two new Add-Ons: RDS-Knight and Server Genius.

You benefit from TSplus to connect and to work. However, without protection, attackers of all kinds can threaten your TSplus Servers. Most security solutions are complex, hard to understand, and time-consuming for system administrators. RDS-Knight isn’t.

RDS-Knight blocks foreign hackers trying to open a session avoids brute-force attacks, restricts access per device, prohibits users to connect at night and provides highly secured user’s environment using the Kiosk Mode

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