As one of the strongest concern for businesses these days, Security is at the core of TSplus’ development strategy.
That’s why the new 11.40 release of TSplus embeds numerous and powerful new measures to improve and strengthen your Servers and Users protection:

  • The Client Generator’s technology has been redesigned to be numerically signed and to work on the most secure systems.
    Instead of a “.exe” program, the new Client Generator is creating a small flat encrypted file with the extension “.connect”:

  • As a pre-requisite on the client side, a signed program named “Setup-ConnectionClient.exe” has to be installed.
    This program is available on the server, in the TSplus program folder: TSplus\Clients\WindowsClient or by downloading it.
    It will locally open the required TSplus client. Then, the user will just have to double click on the “.connect” file to start his session.

  • The best Safety tool and Add-On RDS-Knight is now included in TSplus as a trial version.
    RDS-Knight Ultimate offers 5 strong measures to shield RDS servers and TSplus sessions in few easy clicks.
    When installing TSplus 11.40 setup program or Update Release, you will have the choice to install it or not:
  • Brute-force Attacks on the Web Portal are now blocked when users enter wrong credentials.After 10 failed attempts during a period of 10 minutes, the Web Portal will prohibit the logon for 20 minutes (default settings)
  • More security enhancements were achieved: Security audits were taken, and components updated to even more improve users safety.
  • Display improvements were also made: For more information, see our release note.