Tsunami Threat Never Ends

(TNS) – Officials from the city, state, Kamehameha Schools and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration unveiled a dramatic, 10-foot high banner at the steps of Honolulu Hale Wednesday to hammer home the threat that tsunamis can wreak across the islands at any moment.

The banner includes a map of Oahu that pinpoints just six of the more than 100 tsunamis that have hit Oahu since tsunamis have been recorded. Its 10-foot height is just a third of the 30-foot wave that pounded Kaena Point in 1952, Mayor Kirk Caldwell said.

But the tsunami threat to Oahu and all of the neighbor islands never ends, Caldwell said, as tsunami information brochures are going out in 13 non-English languages, including Hawaiian, for the first time.


Source: DRJ New feed

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