Tune Into Your BC Plans

Drummer, singer, and guitarist extraordinaire Dave Grohl has been a part of several prolific rock bands such as Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. He recently brought up an interesting view on playing guitar. Grohl’s view on playing music relates much closer to Business Continuity than you would think. His experience shows how important it is to mold a plan to what you are doing instead of molding what you are doing to a plan that may not fit.

When Grohl moved to Seattle he instantly started playing music and joined several hardcore punk rock bands. However, in his main band he became unsatisfied with his band’s drummer. So, he decided to get behind the kit himself and learned how to play as he went along. Although he only took a single drum lesson, he mentioned that the way he learned was by “… playing drums on [his] bed and by listening to [expletive] Rush and Punk rock records.” He learned how to play in the way that best fit him. Grohl’s view of drumming transferred directly into how he played the guitar. Viewing the thicker strings of the guitar like the kick drums and the thinner strings like cymbals he was able to make countless hits with this mindset. I had a similar venture but without drums; I started with an electric guitar and have continued to stick with it.


Source: DRJ New feed

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