Flat Storage

Fixed issue with the processing of Trim/Unmap commands. This error has appeared in the previous build. Symptoms of the error are “Bad Block” error messages in Windows System Event log on a client system and messages in StarWind log files at the corresponding time: IMG: *** ImageFile_FileLevelTrim: FileLevelTrim: FSCTL_FILE_LEVEL_TRIM failed (err 6). These messages indicate the error in the processing of Trim/Unmap command on a virtual device. No data is lost and no disk errors are present.


Fixed issue on pre-V8R6 devices. When LSFS-based 3-node synchronous replication that has been created in V8R5 version (build 11456 or earlier versions), upgraded to new build, synchronization could fail.

Management Console

Added support for upcoming StarWind VSA 2.0.