VW’s Dieselgate Crisis Continues — Nine Lessons for Crisis Response Teams

VW’s now infamous dieselgate crisis is far from over, and additional punishments and damages still await in the wings.

But after months of PR efforts to regain the trust of customers, regulators and governments, more bad news for the company was revealed in late January.

VW had also been sponsoring laboratory tests that forced lab monkeys into locked chambers to breathe diesel exhaust from a VW Beetle rigged with the sophisticated dieselgate technology — a scam that made the car’s polluting emissions appear far less in a laboratory test than they actually would be on the road. Similar experiments were also performed on humans. VW’s goal was to support its claims that diesel exhausts on new diesel cars were at safe levels in order to advance diesel-friendly public policies in multiple countries. In 2012 the World Health Organization had classified diesel exhaust as a carcinogen.


Source: DRJ New feed

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