Why customers will no longer tolerate outages like those at Delta, Cisco and Verizon

In recent weeks, we’ve seen several IT failures that left thousands of customers frustrated across the country.

First, Cisco Webex experienced a complete outage, and users were still experiencing intermittent issues 24 hours later. The interruption was apparently caused by a rogue script that began deleting the virtual machines hosting the service. As Cisco put it, “This was a process issue, not a technical issue.”

Then Verizon experienced voice, text, and data service interruptions for several hours affecting states across the South and Midwest, while also stretching into the northeast. The outage appeared to last about three hours.

To cap it off, a “technology issue” temporarily grounded Delta aircraft nationwide in the latest airline outage. Tweets from the company said the “computer tracking system” was down, and that the issues were system-wide. The outage lasted for at least an hour.

For all three companies, customer complaints spread quickly on social media, reinforced by media coverage. As we evolve with various technologies in a super-fast technology world, we expect and demand zero interruption and 100 percent connectivity.


Source: DRJ New feed

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