Why is business continuity planning so important?

We are fortunate in the UK that major incidents such as earthquakes, wildfires, flooding or terrorist attacks are rare. Yet when they do occur, we often find ourselves ill-prepared for the trials they present. In countries which regularly deal with these catastrophes, a disaster recovery plan is a standard part of a business plan. However, this is not always the case for organisations in the UK.

To give an example of what can happen, we can look to the Holborn fire in 2015. It’s the perfect example of how an event out of your control can cause significant disruption to your business. In the case of the Holborn fire, an electrical fault caused damage to a major gas main, resulting in an underground blaze that lasted for 36 hours… in the middle of London. It wasn’t until six whole days later that power in the area was finally restored.

Can you imagine the impact of one day where you’re unable to access any emails, files or client details? Here we’re talking about nearly a whole week! Many businesses who suffer a major disaster never fully recover – losing orders, contracts, key employees. Some even go out of business entirely.


Source: DRJ New feed

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